RewardsPay FAQs

Questions about merchant payments?

Check our Merchant Payment FAQs.

Questions about digital rewards codes?

Check our Code Redemption FAQs.


What is RewardsPay?

Which rewards programs are part of your network?

Where can I use RewardsPay?

How secure is RewardsPay? Will you store my rewards program number or my credit card number?

What do I need to do to make a purchase using my rewards programs?

Do I need to transfer my cash rewards, miles and points into RewardsPay to use them to make online purchases?

How is RewardsPay different from websites that consolidate cash rewards, points and miles?

Can I combine all my rewards into RewardsPay?

Will RewardsPay show me my available balance by rewards program?

Is there a fee to use RewardsPay? How will I be charged?

Do I have to open an account with RewardsPay?

How do I open a RewardsPay account?

Is RewardsPay connecting directly to my rewards program?

Who are the people behind RewardsPay?

I can't access my rewards program, what should I do?

I forgot my RewardsPay password, what should I do?


Why should a merchant use RewardsPay?

What do my users need to do to complete a payment?

Do my users need to register or create a new password?

How are my users charged?

How do you connect with Rewards Programs?

How can RewardsPay bring me new users?

Are there any setup fees charged by RewardsPay?

Are there any monthly minimum fees or monthly maintenance fees?

How does RewardsPay make money?

Do the rewards programs charge a fee?

How do I update my information?

Do you provide customer support to my users?

How will my customers know how to contact customer service?


What technical skills are required to integrate RewardsPay?

How long does it usually take to get integrated?

How does RewardsPay integrate with my website?


How often do I get paid?

How long does it take to get paid?

Are you holding my money to earn the float?

In what currency do you pay out?


How does RewardsPay protect me from fraud?

I forgot my password…

Rewards Programs

Why should a rewards program use RewardsPay?

Are you a loyalty points exchange or an aggregator?

Do you combine rewards?

Can a consumer run a one-time transaction without setting up an account?

Can I set my own point conversion ratios?

Are there any setup fees or monthly fees?

How does RewardsPay make money?

Are you a wallet?

Are you PCI Compliant?

What about mobile?

Can I choose the merchants who are allowed to show my logo?

Which merchants are currently participating?

What is involved in getting setup?

How are you different from exchanges and aggregators?

Who can I contact with other questions?

Still need more help?

If the answers on this page don't address your question or situation please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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