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RewardsPay® is a consumer payment service that enables consumers to use credit card rewards points, cash rewards, hotel points or frequent flier airline miles to safely and securely pay for goods and services at merchant websites. We work directly with airline, hotel, and credit card rewards programs so consumers can safely use their cash rewards, miles, or points at leading merchants.

With RewardsPay, consumers can tap into the liquidity of their rewards programs to purchase music, movies, e-books, games or just about any other type of goods or services at the growing number of merchants that are part of the RewardsPay network.

Rewards programs are front and center and maintain a direct relationship with their members, merchants benefit from increased basket size and conversion, and consumers increase their purchasing power.

RewardsPay is not a wallet, currency exchange, or attempting to create a new type of virtual currency. Our team has decades of combined experience in alternative payments, loyalty and rewards, travel payments, games, and social media.

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