Code Redemption FAQs

RewardsPay is here to help with your codes. We enable and manage codes for online merchants and publishers. If you would like to learn more about RewardsPay please feel free to visit our consumer page. In order to help you we have answered several questions below. Please review these questions and answers for any problem you are facing. If these do not address your problem, you can file a request for help below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions or Problems

• How do I get a code?

• Where can I get more codes?

• I cannot find my code / I did not receive a code.

• My code does not work.

• I did not receive the item I purchased in exchange for my code.

• The item I got in exchange for my code is incorrect or defective.

• I would like to void the redemption and get my code back.

• I would like to exchange the item I bought.

Still need more help?

If the answers on this page don't address your question or situation please contact us to create and send us a request for help. Once we receive your request we will look into the problem, and get back to you shortly.

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